Friday, May 9, 2008

1970 Topps Countdown

# 10 Dave Johnson

Showing perfect double play turning form, Dave hands the ball to an unseen recip

# 9 Roberto Pena

Padre infielder Pena is getting some serious thinking done. It looks like San Diego had their spring training facility behind a nuclear power plant.

# 8 Freddie Patek

I can't believe the Pirates let him go. Patek was a mainstay with the great Royal teams of the late 70's. The Pirates could have dominated the 70's with him in their infield.

# 7 Lowell Palmer

This guy is so cool, he has to wear shades.

# 6 Larry Haney

Notice the name on the webbing of the mitt, Tenace. This guy doesn't even have his own mitt so he had to borrow one from Gene Tenace.

# 5 Thurman Munson

I love this rookie card of the former Yankee backstop. I still remember when my friend Danny called when Munson's plane went down. I thought he was joking at first. A real tragedy.

# 4 Cesar Tovar

Cesar would have really benefited from a cycle or two of Human Growth Hormone that the modern players enjoy. Look at the size of the hole in the web of his glove. That looks dangerous.

# 3 Jerry McNertney

Jerry has either just had some type of accident, or is really struggling to get his shin guards off.

# 2 Nolan Ryan

This is a great shot of a young Nolan Ryan in his 3rd year Topps card. This card appeared in the tough high number series. This guy was and is awesome.

# 1 Johnny Bench

This is one of the greatest cards Topps ever produced. Another high number issue that attracts a premium price.

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