Thursday, May 15, 2008

1972 Topps Countdown

Topps increased the number of cards in the 1972 set to an unheard of 787 cards. The cards are bright and colorful. The cards do not include the players position on the front of the card. The live action game photos are limited to the "In Action" cards that feature some of the star players of the day. Topps also introduced "Boyhood Photos", Award Trophy Cards, and some "Traded" players at the end of the set. The set was again issued in series, and I was still not aware of the scarcity of the last series. Our local ice cream truck sold the cards, and we would buy a pack or two every time he would come around. We would get our ice cream and open the cards while we ate. These are great memories. Unfortunately, many of my cards from this set have melted ice cream stains on them. Here is my top 10 countdown for 1972 Topps.

#10 Ron Swoboda

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Who knows what he was looking at. This pose was popular in the set, with at least 20 cards featuring it. It is a nice shot if you want to see Swoboda's nose hairs.

# 9 (tie) Pat Dobson

Dobson was a member of the Orioles dominant pitching staff of the early 70's. He got up early after a long night of partying for this photo.

#9 (tie) Gary Sutherland

A classic card of the Expo slugger. Gary's other hobby is listed as ice skating. My brother decided he would look better with a blue beard. His art work has significantly reduced the value of the card.

# 8 Lowell Palmer

Palmer was traded by the Phillies to the White Sox. With the change of scenery, he also decided to change his shades. I personally prefer his old pair.

# 7 (tie) Milt Wilcox

There were numerous cards where they air brushed team logos onto the players caps. Here, they air brushed the entire bill of his cap. At least I assume that is a cap on his head.

#7 (tie) Jim Grant

Check out the lamb chops on this guy. Now those are some serious sideburns.

#6 Richie Zisk Rookie Card

The Pirates failed to realize the potential of Zisk. Imagine the outfield they would have had with him in the line up. Zisk would later have an all star year for the White Sox.

# 5 Jim Fregosi

Fregosi earned 11 varsity letters in baseball, football, basketball, and track during his high school days in San Mateo. He still found the time to become an accomplished accordion player as well.

#4 Billy Cowan

All good angels have a halo over their head, and Billy is no exception.

#3 Pat Corrales In Action

Corrales is certainly in action alright. I'm just not exactly sure what is going on here.

#2 Billy Martin

Notice the skipper's left hand on the bat, he is shooting a bird to the photographer. He is giving us the bird too. You can get away with that in Detroit, but try that in New York and it will get you fired.

#1 Joe Morgan Traded

Morgan led the Astros in home runs with 13, and was one of the fastest men in baseball. Houston traded him to the Reds, helping Cincinnati form the Big Red Machine.

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